Peace in His Presence

My daughter helped me write today’s devotional-sort of.  She came downstairs
early this morning.  She stared at me with those big blue eyes, smiled, then
proceeded to plop down on the couch, grabbed a quilt, and fell back asleep.
I was riveted at the sight of my nine year old daughter sleeping.  She
looked so content, so peaceful, so safe.  I smiled, admiring not just this
one, but our other three still tucked away in their beds.  There is such a
joy, such a feeling of honor, when your children are at peace.

Our Heavenly Father loves to watch His children rest peacefully in His
Presence.  He experiences a million-fold greater joy in His kids than any
mortal body could contrive.  His companionship goes before us, walks beside
us, hovers over us, paces behind us, gathers beneath us, and dwells within
us.  We are safe even in Life’s most terrible tempests, because we are
surrounded by the powerful arms of Christ.  Today, may you experience
Heavenly Peace, knowing that your Daddy’s gaze is relentlessly riveted upon
your life.

“He who watches over your life will neither slumber nor sleep.”  Psalm 121:4