Bring Them, Don’t Bury Them

The Great Wall of China stands today as a testament to human ingenuity.
Spanning across three thousand miles, it demonstrates the lengths that
humanity will go to help ensure protection for what we most value. In this
case, that cost was over 100,000 peasant workers-those who gave their lives in forced labor to erect this monument. Many of those men reside today buried within the foundation of that wall. (Resultingly, it was first
donned “wall of tears” before ever being called the “Great Wall of China.”)Though a remarkable achievement, this seventh-world wonder success only came to be through a maddening cost of blood, tears, and death.

This historical achievement asks us a question: “At what cost of life are
you willing to establish your own dreams, conquests and successes?” Many superstars, businessman moguls, and extraordinary athletes have been erected and admired for years, with few wanting to acknowledge the bloody toll taken on abused marriages, stampeded cohorts, and neglected next-generational kin. No success is worth being built on a foundation of human carcasses-people are always far more important than personal aspirations. Today, consider your own dreams, and ask yourself how you can take those closest to you toward that journey, rather than burying them under it.