Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard!

Sometimes the answers to our toughest problems are a lot easier than we

A hundred years ago the game of basketball was at its infant stage of life
and just beginning to flourish. But there was still a big problem: Nobody
could figure out how to easily retrieve the ball after each score. Players
were tired of stopping the game after each score, climbing a ladder and
pulling the ball out of the peach basket, and then returning down the ladder
so play could resume. For nearly ten years the game was played this way,
with nobody knowing how to simplify this. Finally, a fed-up player scored a
basket, climbed halfway up the ladder-and cut a hole at the bottom of the
peach basket so the ball could simply fall out. The problem was instantly
solved after years of “overthinking” a solution to an easy problem!!!

Don’t laugh too hard, because chances are you and I sometimes make life’s
problems way too difficult as well. Just think about this for a moment: How
many people have we met (including ourselves!) who conjure up crazy
cover-ups for their mistakes when a simple admission of fault and “I’m
sorry” would take care of the problem? Imagine how much time a high school
student will take to come up with a way to cheat on their test without
getting caught-when simply studying for the test would have been much
easier! Marriages fizzle because both people waste their breath yelling,
when what’s really needed is simply for somebody to listen.

Yup, let’s not laugh too hard at the basketball pioneers for not seeing the
easy fix to their problem, when we can make life equally difficult on a
weekly basis!

God truly calls us to an easy, direct path in living life well. Wanna
figure out how to treat a person properly? Then put yourself in their shoes
and ask, “What would I have them do unto me?” Not sure what steps to take
next in your life? Then include some solid people into your problems and
listen to their advice. Wanna talk to God? Then just TALK! No special
mats, no rehearsed prayer, just a simply heartfelt chat with your Heavenly

See, when we really think about it, walking God’s pathway truly is a simple
life-it’s walking anything BUT His path when life starts to get hairy and
quickly confusing.

So I encourage you today-go the easy way of life by loving as you have been
loved, giving as you have been given, and hoping as God gives you cause to

Let’s see how that works for a change!

“This is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not
burdensome, for everyone born of God overcomes the world.” I John 5:3-4

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