Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard!

Sometimes the answers to our toughest problems are a lot easier than we think! A hundred years ago the game of basketball was at its infant stage of life and just beginning to flourish. But there was still a big problem: Nobody could figure out how to easily retrieve the ball after each score. PlayersContinue reading “Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard!”

When God Went Undercover

Christmastime has arrived, and the Christmas story reminds me of a TV show I once enjoyed called “Undercover Boss,” where large-corporation CEOs disguise themselves as newly-hired workers within their own company.  There they must learn how to work assembly lines, clean bathrooms, and experience the sometimes dank and dangerous conditions of their own company.  At tenure’s end, they reveal theirContinue reading “When God Went Undercover”

“Never Forget Who You Are!”

Judy Garland is one of the great Hollywood tragedies of history. Born Francis Gumm, a spunky and natural actress, she quickly changed her name to something “more sophisticated” once her acting career began. Her success was meteoric, achieving unsurpassed fame and fortune by age sixteen. Though outwardly Garland appeared to be living the dream ofContinue reading ““Never Forget Who You Are!””